Cleaning Operatives in many businesses are saddled with low wages and poor working conditions. At DeepClean Hygiene Solutions the ethos that top quality workmanship only comes from ensuring all staff are respected and rewarded, radiates throughout the businesses.

This hot topic in the cleaning industry stems from a recent report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission detailing ‘The Invisible Workforce: Employment Practices in the Cleaning Sector’. Following this report The Building Futures Group are helping raise awareness of poor wages and working conditions, to purchasers of cleaning services, with the aim of raising the standards within the industry.

This is an issue close to Tony Waghorn’s heart, the Founder of DeepClean Hygiene Solutions, who has many years’ experience within the industry and is proud of the standards he sets for all of his staff. Tony explains that “Unlike many commercial deep cleaning companies, all of our cleaning is carried out by employees, not sub-contractors, so we not only have more consistency with our work practises but we can look after our staff and support their needs.” Tony adds “Our reputation has been built on the quality of service delivered by our people, and we never lose sight of the importance of our staff”.

Living wage initiatives are being implemented by The Building Futures Group who support organisations who unlike DeepClean, need to raise standards for cleaning operatives. The idea being that the cleaning industry can offer a rewarding career opportunity for employees at all levels.

For more information about careers at DeepClean email the Press Office at or call 1527 559880.