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Canopy & Grease Extract Ductwork Systems – Inspecting & Cleaning

Regular cleaning and maintenance of canopies and grease extract systems reduces the risk of fire, ensures compliance with Fire Safety Legislation and Buildings Insurance Policies, reduces the risk of Food Safety Incidents and improves the efficiency of equipment.

The importance of cleaning canopies and grease extraction systems

Highly flammable grease deposits from cooking can accumulate in ducting systems and pose a serious fire risk if not removed regularly.

To ensure compliance with LPS 2084 TR19 Standards, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO), and insurance requirements it is imperative to use an accredited professional cleaning solutions company. We are a fully accredited LPS 2084 contractor and all work is carried out to TR19 standards.

Where access to ducting is not already in place, we will install access panels as part of our service, to enable a thorough clean of the entire system. Our fully trained Service Management Team will confirm how many access panels will be required at the risk assessment stage,  which is carried out before every clean.

Upon work completion we provide certification and a post work duct report for insurance and compliance purposes. This report contains both ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs of the system. If there are any access issues we make recommendations on how these can be overcome.


Frequency of Cleaning

Under LPS 2084 TR19 Standards it is recommended that inspections be carried out at regular intervals. Depending on the type and duration of cooking undertaken, this may be as frequent as monthly but, not exceeding 12 monthly.

If you are unsure if your kitchen extraction system needs a clean, we can arrange for  one of our Surveyors to visit site and carry out a ducting inspection. We will then provide a report which will specify whether your system is compliant or will need a clean based on readings taken.

It is also advisable to check what your insurance company stipulates in their policies to make sure you comply with their requirements. Failure to do so may invalidate your policy, in the event of a claim.


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