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Deep cleaning cooking equipment

It is essential to deep clean a kitchen in order to degrease, decarbonise and thoroughly deep clean all cooking equipment. At DeepClean Hyigene Solutions we are a professional and trusted name that can be counted on for the highest quality clean. We have over 1,000 clients across the UK and pride ourselves in deep cleaning of all kitchen and cooking equipment.

The reasons why thorough cleaning of cooking equipment is so important:

Assists compliance with Food Safety Legislation – to meet this legislation kitchens should always be thoroughly cleaned as a routine, long term plan.

Significantly reduces the potential risk of fire – if items in a commercial kitchen are thoroughly cleaned it has been proven to reduce the risk of fires starting and spreading.

Minimises the risk of pest infestation – items that are thoroughly cleaned are less likely to attract pests.

Provides full operating efficiency from your equipment – items deep cleaned will perform as they are intended, rather than being clogged with grease.

Minimises the risk of costly breakdown/replacement.

Peace of mind – a kitchen should be regularly deep cleaned so everyone is confident that cleaning standards are as high as possible.

Reduces the risk of food safety incidents – the cleaner the kitchen, the lower the risk of incidents.

Reduces the risk of contamination – the cleaner the kitchen, the lower the risk.

Helps ensure that the highest level of hygiene is maintained – to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Prolongs equipment working life – if equipment is well maintained it will last longer and be more efficient.

Contributes to the maintenance of a pleasant and safe working environment.

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