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Structural cleaning of commercial kitchens

The structure of a building including the walls, floor and ceiling are an integral part of the kitchen and need a rigorous ongoing deep cleaning regime.

The structure is often overlooked when considering deep cleaning, as there is more a focus on appliances within the overall structure.  Key structural areas can easily harbour bacteria growth and possible food contamination leading to risks of health hazards such as food poisoning.  Poor hygiene surrounding the structure of the building can lead to a damaged reputation from Health and Safety prosecutions which can be difficult to overcome.

DeepClean Hygiene Solutions Ltd have many years of experience in working with commercial kitchens, delivering structural cleans to safeguard the health and safety of your staff and customers and helping you to ensure optimum hygiene standards at all times. We have clients ranging from small commercial kitchen units, to large scale chains of commercial kitchens, all which we have helped maintain structural cleanliness.

A cleaning regime that fits around you

First, an experienced Kitchen DeepClean Surveyor will visit your commercial kitchen and conduct a full site survey. Photographs will be taken and a cleaning report will be issued, always adhering to the most current health and safety guidelines. A cleaning strategy will be formulated so that we can support your long term deep cleaning needs, working with you to provide a flexible cleaning solution.

We can carry out structural deep cleans of your commercial kitchen whenever it is convenient for you, working around your business. Our teams of cleaning operatives are fully briefed before your visit and all areas are fully inspected before the work begins. Once the deep clean has been completed certification and documentation is issued. A courtesy call from our Customer Service Team is then scheduled post-clean as part of our ongoing commitment to our quality standards.

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