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Air Ventilation – Inspecting, Testing & Cleaning

Air Ventilation Cleaning

It is generally recognised that air pollution is an increasing problem, and measures need to be taken to reduce the toxicity we are pouring into our environment.

Against this backdrop, it is more vital than ever to ensure a fresh and clean supply of air ventilation to work premises, offices, hospitals, schools etc. Good Indoor Air Quality is essential to ensure the health and comfort of occupants.

Our Testing Inspecting & Cleaning Service

We understand that our customers need their air ventilation systems to be as clean as possible and certified as such. Legislation is now increasingly focused on ensuring facilities managers can provide documentation and evidence that corroborates their ventilation systems are clean, and compliant.

In order to check the condition and standard of your system(s), we can inspect and test air ventilation systems. We offer 2 different types of tests: a Deposit Thickness Test (DTT) and a Preferred Vacuum Test (PVT)

What Does the Inspection and Testing Service Involve?

Our trained and experienced Air Ventilation Technicians will come to site and perform either a Deposit Thickness Test (DTT) or a Preferred Vacuum Test (PVT) at a minimum of 3 points along each required system. We can install access panels if there are none in situ to enable access to the ductwork.

  • DTT – Results provided to customer on the spot (can only be carried out on rectangular ductwork systems)
  • PVT – Test samples are sent off to an independent Laboratory for analysis and the results are then passed on to the customer (can be carried out on rectangular and circular systems).


What happens after the test?

Both tests lead to a deposit reading, which will show whether that system should be cleaned based on TR19 standards for acceptable cleanliness levels.

  • A comprehensive report comprising the test findings, photographs of the assessed areas and feedback of the standard of cleanliness of the system(s) will be provided to you for your records.
  • If either test highlights that cleaning should take place, we will of course provide a quotation for said works.

Further Benefits of a Clean Ventilation System

There are other benefits of having a clean ventilation system these being;

* Creates a cleaner working environment

* Improves airflow efficiency

* Removes allergens and irritants

* Removes unpleasant smells and odours




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