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Canopy Grease Filters

Canopy grease filters for commercial kitchens

Over time, and despite regular cleaning, the efficiency of canopy grease filters will decline in line with their use and at some point will need to be replaced. We supply canopy grease filters for many of our customers, so that you can have just one supplier to ensure your kitchen is clean and safe.

We replace canopy grease filters with as little disruption as possible to the day-to-day running of your kitchen. Canopy grease filters which are not changed regularly, may pose a potentially serious fire hazard.

We can supply ‘made to measure’ filters, made from either aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel, in both mesh and baffle configuration.  When replacing canopy grease filters we will always look to see if we can improve on their efficiency, as we believe in getting the best results for our customers.


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