The calm before the storm… garden centres across the country are preparing for the busiest time in their calendar, but are the kitchens in the coffee shop or the restaurant ready too?

As the January sales finish, garden centres are quickly embracing the changing seasons with spring bulbs and seeds in preparation for the booming sales. As the winter tidy-up ends and gardeners eagerly plan a fresh season, garden centres are full of the joys of spring. Kitchen Managers in garden centre kitchens can also take advantage of this quieter period in the lead up to spring by organising the deep clean of their whole kitchen facilities; structural elements, equipment and perhaps most importantly, the grease extraction of ducting as set out in TR19 guidelines.

DeepClean Hygiene Solutions Ltd are a professional organisation specialising in cleaning commercial kitchens and are well-known across the UK for supporting garden centres of all sizes. Our flexibility and experience ensure we know what is needed to meet both your insurance documentation and EHO obligations.

Showing our support for the industry and driving quality standards within the commercial kitchen industry, Sales Manager Gary Hawkesford announces “We understand what garden centres really need from a professional kitchen cleaning company… they look for knowledge, experience and flexibility. Our cleaning specialists are currently visiting garden centres across the country and carrying out free site surveys to help the industry get ready for an important part of the year which sets the scene for the financial year ahead.”

If you are keen to get your kitchens prepared for spring and would like to know more about our flexible cleaning packages for garden centres, please call our Head Office on 01527 559880 today to book a review from one of our experienced cleaning specialists in February.