With the importance of cleaning grease extraction systems and ducting well documented due to fire risks, the fundamental structural cleaning of the commercial kitchen can often be overlooked as less important.

It all sounds too obvious but cleaning the shell of a commercial kitchen; walls, floor and ceiling are of utmost importance when considering hygiene and deep cleaning. Cross contamination from dirty structures within the kitchen onto appliances causes an increased risk of food poisoning from bacterial growth.  A thorough cleaning regime is necessary to keep the bacterial load to a minimum and therefore in-turn reducing the risk of contamination to appliances and food preparation areas.

Documentation regarding cleaning regimes is increasingly important to meet EHO guidelines. ‘Scores on the doors’ ratings consider many factors but hygiene and deep cleaning are high up the list as a key contributor to the rating. Implementing a solid, rigorous cleaning schedule which includes the complete structure of the kitchen goes along well to helping commercial kitchens achieve the highest rating possible.

Size doesn’t matter when considering structural cleaning. From large scale commercial kitchens, hospital kitchens to multisite kitchens and school kitchens, deep cleaning all aspects in a planned routine are critical to safeguard public health.

DeepClean Hygiene Solutions Ltd are experts in all aspects of deep cleaning for commercial kitchens. Our Cleaning Specialists will guide you on current regulatory conformity as part our professional cleaning service. Structural cleans always require out-of-hours cleaning and our service teams can provide a flexible time to fit around your business.

In our 20th year in professional commercial kitchen cleaning, DeepClean Hygiene Solutions are the very best in the industry delivering the highest standard of cleaning at competitive prices.

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