As garden centres across the country prepare for arguably the busiest time of the year, spring marks the start of a fresh new season. DeepClean Hygiene Solutions are busy carrying out kitchen deep cleaning, supporting the preparations, to ensure that routine grease extraction from ducting keeps the fire risk to a minimum whilst optimising their food hygiene rating.

Long gone are the days where garden centres are just for the green fingered. The ‘Coffee Shop’ is a true money spinner aimed at all ages. But if deep cleaning is not part of the overall management it could be a fire risk and a ticking time bomb.

We provide service teams anytime, day or night so that we are able to work out of hours to avoid disruption to sales. Our kitchen deep cleaning solutions help you maximise your Environmental Health Office hygiene rating too so that you can proudly display your scores on the doors.

Due to the increasing amount of compensation claims resulting from kitchen fires, many insurance policies now include clauses that require regular grease removal from extract systems by an accredited specialist company. We are able to provide garden centres the relevant certificate and reports required for compliance. Our on-going service agreement enables our garden centre customers to secure work dates during the popular spring season and benefit from reduced rates to help save money and work within your budget.

Our trusted service goes beyond just providing the highest level of deep cleaning as we ensure all cleaning operatives are employed by us, trained by us…. we never use subcontractors! In our 20th year in business we’re proud to have more than 1,000 customers across the UK and hold the highest level of accreditations in the industry.

If you’re interested in finding out how we support garden centres with kitchen deep cleaning call our team of specialists on 01527 559880 or email