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DeepClean Hygiene Solutions Ltd is licensed to deliver the Building & Engineering Services Green Book programme course. The aim of the training course is for trainers to understand the content and delivery of the Green Book Scheme and to develop the necessary skills to support and assess the competence of their Service Teams.

This enables DeepClean Hygiene Solutions Ltd to ensure that all our technical staff are trained in a comprehensive and consistent manor to help deliver the best possible service to our clients every time.

The course provides on the job skills and guidance to enable Service Operatives to carry out tasks safely and efficiently. It ensures the use of specialist tools, equipment and materials is consistent with industry standard procedures and up to date methods of ventilation hygiene and ductwork cleaning.

Poor maintenance and inadequate cleaning of canopies and grease extract systems can lead to an increased fire risk. Over time flammable grease deposits from cooking can build up on the ductwork surfaces leading to an increased risk of fire.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of canopies and grease extract systems reduces the risk of fire, ensures compliance with Fire Safety Legislation and Building Insurance Policies, reduces the risk of a Food Safety Incidents and improves the efficiency of the equipment.

Under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO) it is the responsibility of companies and individuals for ensuring legal compliance. As a fully accredited B&ES contractor, DeepClean Hygiene Solutions ensure all work is carried out to B&ES TR19 standards and provide certification to our clients to prove compliance with legal and insurance requirements.

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